Recent breakthroughs

We will keep you informed in a timely manner with novel and exciting advancement and development of photofunctionalization from worldwide scientific resources.

New discovery!

Anti-bacterial property induced by photofunctionalization has been published in Biomaterials (Impact factor:8.557)

“Our findings confirm that UV-photofunctionalization of titanium has a strong potential to improve outcome of implant placement by creating and maintaining antimicrobial surfaces.”

de Avila ED, Lima1 B, Sekiya T, Torii Y, Ogawa T, Shi W, Lux R. Effect of UV-photofunctionalization on Oral Bacterial Attachment and Biofilm Formation to Titanium Implant Material. Biomaterials 2015;67:84-92.

Clinical breakthrough!

A clinical study addressing the potential expansion of implant therapy has been accepted by Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants.

Kitajima H, Ogawa T. The use of photofunctionalized implants for low or extremely low primary stability cases. Int J Oral Maxillfac Implants. In press

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