Photofunctionalization as technology for the next-generation implant therapy

Photofunctionalization, as a technology for dental implants, is a newly developed, rapid, chairside conditioning of dental implants using cutting-edge light technology. The conditioning is performed immediately before placement and revitalize all the surface properties that had been lost during aging. The conditioning is demonstrated to increase osseointegration capability of titanium surfaces to the best possible degree. In light of the biological aging of titanium, an unprecedented challenge current dental implants face, photofunctionalization is the one and only technology to overcome this problem, by reversing the time-dependent degradations. It has been reported that many clinicians apply photofunctionalization technology to other implant- and surgery-related titanium-based biomaterials and components, such as Ti mesh, abutments, cover screws, and healing abutments.



On–demand readiness

A conversion from hydrophobic to superhydrophilic surfaces can be seen after a fully programmed photo-conditioning in just a short period of time.



The optimized conditioning program makes the difference for all implants tested. The application is expanding even beyond dentistry.


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